2014 Week 3

2014 Week 3: (and holdovers from week 2)

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2014 Week 3

We are allowed a forearm pad – a
wrist band but a wrist band that
goes all the way up to the arm pit
– I don’t think so. If it is a shirt
sleeve then it is OK. 

Always check player equipment prior to and during the game.  Note unbuckled chin strap on #2 and shiny knees on #24.

Had a couple of players from Northern Panhandle that did not wear pants long enough to cover their knees.  I don’t know what was done about it.  The photo on the right was from a N. Panhandle game.


Another 5th down raised its ugly head.  Really had no bearing on outcome of the game but a 6-man crew messed this up.

Reportedly had a running clock in a MSAC game.  After investigating, the media got it wrong.  Can you imagine that?  If you haven’t already learned this – you don’t want to take what is reported in the media as gospel.

Drones are becoming a headache.  Treat them as any other media form.  When the game starts they are to be outside the plane of the restraining lines and must not become intrusive toward either team.  Keeping them grounded is probably a good idea.

In a game Friday night the referee, who works passing arm side, the umpire, who didn’t move well and the line judge missed a block in the back.  The play started on the right hash and ended well outside the numbers on the left side of the field and well beyond the line of scrimmage.  The referee had too much field to cover (had he been wide side this would not have been a problem), the umpire was way behind the play and it appeared the line judge was concentrating on the runner.  The block in the back was near the runner in the left side zone.  Let’s talk about getting proper coverage on these types of actions.

Wings, when a QB intentionally grounds the ball (you know there is no eligible receiver in the vicinity) run to the referee and tell him and make him toss the flag.  We need that spot for penalty enforcement.  Referees, don’t be shy about calling these acts on your own.  It is not a difficult call to make.

Kickoff went out of bounds and R elected to have K re-kick. Line Judge did not inform R they could move up to K’s 45.

In a game going along well all of a sudden there is a helmet to head contact on a quarterback.  The play was not flagged.  It appears the referee failed to continue to focus on the quarterback until he was free of foul.

Other than these few items (and some others that need no mention) we are doing well.  Keep up the good work.