2014 Week 5

2014 WVSSAC Week 5:
From last week; following a disqualification of a high school player, the media and parents got heavily involved. Some of our officials supposedly chimed in supporting the parents and media. This sounds like we are second guessing our fellow officials and have no direct knowledge of what happened. Local Boards need to press their members to behave in a more professional fashion. Speaking of professionalism there was a Middle School game played this week and one of the officials was wearing a visor instead of a cap. Local Boards need to be the leaders of what is acceptable and what is not.
Question: If the front line of the defense is 2 yards off of the line of scrimmage, may they be blocked below the waist? Answer: No they may not. Since they are not within 1 yard of their line of scrimmage they are not defensive linemen and they may not be blocked low. Another question: If K has to re-kick from Team R’s 45 because of a foul moving the free kick line, where can the ball be placed if the kick then goes out of bounds on the 10-yard line? Answer: Team K may be penalized 5 yards from the previous spot and re-kick from the 50-yard line, or Team R may take the untouched kick from the 10-yard line or R may take the ball from their 20-yard line (which is 25 yards from the free kick line).


Umpires – you need to stay out of the line of fire.
What about the jerseys? Capital is at home and wearing light grey, South Charleston, the visitors, wearing their black. I wonder how this was accomplished.
Had a play in a neighboring state to the north where a pass was intercepted and run back for a TD. The problem here is this was in overtime.
Had a visit at the Wayne – Mingo Central game and there was no drone. Disappointed.

Here is an example of good officiating.

4th down and A12 throws a forward pass. The receiver muffs it and it drops to the ground. A defender then comes in and hits the defenseless player (the would-be receiver). The wing flags the hit. Since this play did not give Team A a new series, the ball goes over to Team B. They were penalized from the previous spot and given the ball 1st and 10. Some crews would have penalized and given Team A a new series.
In a tough game, the box man of the chain crew was on his cell phone a lot of the evening; Solution – have him replaced. Don’t mess around with less than acceptable chain crews. They are too important.
In this game the home team wore light grey jerseys and the visiting team wore black. Not sure if this is appropriate. No penalty is prescribed but it should be reported to the office.


If #32 can get his epaulet inside his sleeve pocket why can’t #14 do the same? Are we not looking for these things?
Look at this. Does this look like the right size of eyeshade?


OH MY!  No call?

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