2014 Week 7

2014 Week 7
R2 muffs a punt on his 35-yard line. As he tries to recover, K34 comes by and is pushed in the side by R15 and K34’s foot contacts the grounded punt which then rolls to R’s 30-yard line where it is recovered by K14. R’s coach, in his twisted logic, states that the kick by K34 had to be illegal because Team K was gaining an advantage of 5 yards because of the kicked ball. Go figure.
On a play I missed last month receiver R22 muffed a punt and the ball hit the ground under his body. The Back Judge missed seeing the ball hit the ground and ruled it a catch. The umpire did not turn around to provide any help. I have no idea what the two wings saw. Just an awkward play to explain to a coach who saw the ball touch the ground on a video of the game.
In 6-man the two deep judges should be able to get a long incomplete pass or punt exchange off of the field. The LJ and L can get a new ball in. In 5- or 6-man don’t be too quick to leave your players to get a ball off or a new one in – wait till things die down.

This is not how to manage a sideline

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We gain nothing by ignoring our responsibilities!  If the sideline warning doesn’t keep them back then the 5-yard penalty must be enforced.  Do the right things.

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