2014 Week 8

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Had a JV game where the visitors wore light tan jerseys.  The referee called an UNS foul on the head coach.  The home team coach declined the distance portion of the penalty.  The referee reported the jersey issue to the SSAC office in a special report.  Good job in handling this situation correctly.

Had a punt that was muffed and then rolled into R’s end zone where R recovered.  Ruled a safety.  Oh My !!!

Question: If all 11 players including the kicker are inside the 5 yard belt can any one of them move and kick the ball as long as they do not go behind the 5 yards.  Answer:  Yes if there are at least 4 members of K on each side of the kicker.  We will have to wait until the kick to rule on this.

Check this out.  https://vimeo.com/109021986 Watch upback.  We need to pick these BBWs up on a more consistent basis.  Here is another BBW,  http://youtu.be/hFq9dKGZghw

Play:  Runner A22 is hit on B’s 10-yard line and the ball pops out of his grasp and bounces off the back of B45 who is lying face down on the ground at B’s 2-yard line.  The ball then bounces into B’s end zone and across the side line.  Is this a touchback or a safety?  See 2-13-1 page 28 in your Rules Book.  Convince me.

No officials for Woodrow vs. Capital on Friday.  Wonder how that happened.  This is very important; crew chiefs need to contact schools early in the week to confirm contracts. If AD doesn’t hear from anybody it should raise a red flag.

Saw a crew take captains out for 2nd half options, I swore we did away with that this fall.  In this game the linesman and back judge had excellent coverage on a long pass play where the receiver crossed the goal line at the pylon.

Just an observation from Friday night – Gallia 16 penalties for 129 yards and Pt. Pleasant 13 penalties for 121 yards.  Is there something in the air down there?


4 unsportsmanlike fouls against one team Friday night.  Bad behavior is a continuing problem.

You are not going to believe this one.  Quarterback gets sacked for a 5 yard loss.  During the play B is guilty of holding 5 yards beyond the line of scrimmage.  The crew went to the spot of the hold to penalize B.  B’s coach complained and the crew decided they had screwed it up.  The box and chains had already been moved and of course no one knew where the dead ball spot was.  For goodness sakes guys, learn the difference between loose ball plays and running plays.  Then learn penalty enforcement.