2014 WEEK 9

2014 Week 9:
Play 1 – 3rd down and 33 from B’s 35-yd line, QB A7 completes the pass to A85 and runs down to B’s 8-yd line where A85 fumbles into B’s end zone with the ball crossing over the end line last in possession of team A. (This last part of the statement may have led to the erroneous ruling: During the play B57 is called for roughing the passer. This was the ruling: Team B would be penalized half the distance to the goal from the spot of the last run (8-yd line), awarded an automatic first down and team A would have a 1st and goal from the 4. Correct Ruling; Since B, by rule now has possession of the ball because of the touchback, we must penalize from the previous spot.
Play 2: – Same as above but the ball is fumbled into B’s end zone where it is recovered by team B. Ruling: (Correct Ruling) since there was a change of possession during the down, team A would have possession 1st and 10 from B’ 20-yd line. Foul is penalized from previous spot and team A is awarded an automatic 1st down. Note that in both of these plays B has possession at the end of the down, either by rule or by actual physical possession, therefore there can be no “tack-on” for roughing the passer.
K2 punts to R2 and K34 commits kick-catching-interference but R2 catches the ball and runs it in for a touchdown. What are R’s options for the foul? Think about it.
Friday night I got to see a cute play. A’s left offensive tackle backs off the line after the snap and receives a backward pass from his quarterback. The tackle then throws a 60-yard pass into B’s end zone where the A receiver was wide open. The problem with the execution was that the big ole tackle led his receiver about 10 yards or so too far.
Near the end of the 2nd period, Morgantown leads 7-0 over John Marshall. John Marshall has the ball down inside their own 7-yard line and there are less than 40 seconds on the clock. John Marshall kneels twice then with 2 seconds on the clock they are about to kneel down again when Morgantown calls a timeout.
Needless to say this ticked of the John Marshall coach so he had his quarterback attempt a pass rather than kneeling down again to run the clock out.
This kind of behavior by our coaches amazes me. No wonder they hate each other. Plus one school scores 91 points and only allows 14. What is that all about?
Play: Team A commits intentional grounding and it is flagged by the line judge. They penalized from the previous spot. Ruling: The line judge needed to go immediately to the referee and inform him of the foul that was committed and the referee then needs to drop his flag on the spot of the pass. This is NOT a loose ball play. See 2-33-2b, page 36. Illegal forward passes are running plays hence the need to know the spot of the foul. 5 yards and lose of down.
It appears many of our white hats have been watching too much NCAA football. In a modern 7-man crew the referee is just a moderator. This is not the case in our 5- or-6-man crews. We want our white hats to be active game officials. Don’t hang back and turn your 5-man crew into a 4-man crew.