2014 WEEK 10

2014 Week 10;

Once again we had rain and more rain. It looks like we are seeing a problem developing with the visiting teams coming out before the coin toss and stomping on the home team’s logo located in the center of the field. Last night the home team took umbrage and tried to protect their turf. This resulted with unsportsmanlike acts. We will probably have to change our coin toss mechanic.

In a high intensity, rivalry game, the officials flagged bad behavior right at the start and then the game stayed competitive and clean after that. In another highly intense rivalry game, a flagrant foul was called because of a close call in an overtime game. The foul was for very foul language.

Should this be a foul in High School? Asking about the coin toss and no hand shake by Maryland. http://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2014/11/1/7142523/maryland-penalty-penn-state-coin-toss I say no. What do you say?

One last week before we begin the playoffs. So far our officials have done fairly well. The egregious errors have been kept to a minimum. Lack of concentration and communication among crews caused most of the bad things. You would think these kinds of problems would be easy to eliminate.

Question: May a coach request a conference with the referee to discuss a misapplication of a rule?

Answer: Yes. If the discussion is just to complain about something the conference which was originally taken as an official’s timeout will become a charged timeout and the timing of a regularly called authorized conference shall continue. If the team has no timeouts remaining they will be charged with a delay of game penalty and the interval shall end. The opposing team shall be notified that this is not an authorized conference and they need to get ready to continue the game.