2014 Week 11

2014 Week 11

Good shot of a hurdle that was called Friday night.


By the way, to have a block in the back it must be inside the shoulders.  A block on a shoulder blade is not a block in the back.  The position of the head is not a determining factor.  When you can see the number of the opponent being blocked then the contact was not inside the shoulders.

Coaches and fans to not understand the blocking rules nor do they understand the rules involving tackling, re; horse-collar.

Here’s the situation: K 4/10 at K10, 8 seconds left. K punts the ball towards the sideline. R signals for a fair catch at the R45 right in front of me on the wing. After making the catch, he is tackled by K54 with 2 seconds remaining for a dead ball personal foul, enforced to the K40.
Team B’s coach immediately starts yelling he wants a free kick. We actually got it lined up and kicked pretty quickly. The ball went through the pipes and the R and U got to signal  to end the half.


What is wrong with this play?  I got it from some forum.