2014 Week 2 Playoffs

Week 2 of 2014 Playoffs:

Carry over from week 1: On a 3rd down play and Team A coming from near their own goal line, A1 advances near the line to gain. A2 commits a block in the back at the 8 yard line and unable to determine if the line to gain was reached I gave preliminary signal and then measured to find it was about 2 inches short. Then I proceeded to give B1 choice of 4th and inches or take the penalty which was only going to be a 4-yd penalty due to half the distance.

Correct way to handle? I said yes. Get all the information you can to give captains the best options.

From another game: We almost got caught on a nice trick play in our game. The QB took the snap and put it behind his back and backed away from center and all the lineman screamed “BALL” like it was a fumble and dove in a big pile around the center. Then he underthrew the end but it was a long gainer. The defensive end smelled it out but was a little late to the QB. I took a couple steps in as well as my umpire toward the pile and the QB had it standing right beside me. Luckily we stayed off the whistle!!!

In the University vs. South Charleston game Friday night there was a bang-bang play at the goal line. The crew did not do a good job of selling their call. See http://wvmetronews.com/2014/11/21/watch-south-charlestons-game-winning-touchdown-over-university/ Prior to the start of this game the University team crept out to past the top of the numbers just before the coin toss. The referee motioned them back when he should have confronted them, directing them to the sideline. The University coach then took control and moved his players back.

In a game at St. Marys the crew had a measurement and picked up the ball and carried it to the wing man rather than the wingman moving into where the real spot was. Looked real bad.

We need to remind visiting coaches this week to stay off the home team’s logo for a display prior to the coin toss.

There were some ejections and the Special Report was late getting to the office. Don’t know if it was caused by the website being down or what. During playoffs get your Special Reports in as quickly as possible. Overall the second round was pretty well officiated. Nice work guys.