2014 Football Finals

AA Game; Rain, rain, rain. That is never a good thing There were two dead ball fouls, one per team and the referee announced they offset. Half the distance could have been involved, one foul could have been accessed on the try, the other on the kickoff or both could have been accessed on the kickoff. They do not offset and each carries its own distance penalty. Even if the fouls occurred simultaneously they do not offset. We just stay where we are.

If this ever happens to you and a 1st down or half the distance are not involved, just announce the fouls and state the enforcement leaves the ball at this final spot.

AAA Game; Rain, rain, rain. Have I mentioned this before? This game was really an example of poorly disciplined kids. Their actions were an embarrassment to the game of football. The crew handled it and got us out of the stadium without a brawl. Coaches need to learn when kids misbehave, sitting them on the bench may be a big help in modifying their behavior.

A Game: No rain. Best game of the Super Six. The toughest team won. http://wvmetronews.com/2014/12/06/photo-gallery-williamstown-and-st-marys-battle-for-class-a-title/

Need to view videos of these games to discern areas of concern to all of us. Our officials worked hard and did really well. I apologized to the AAA crew for getting them into such a mess. Someone has to work these games and they accepted the challenge and made the rest of the officials in WV proud.