Dale McKenzie Award

In 1971, the Dale E. McKenzie Award was established in honor of this football, basketball, and baseball official who suffered a fatal heart attack while officiating a West Virginia Class AAA state semifinal basketball game in Morgantown.
Criteria for Determining the Recipient:

  1. Award to be presented annually.
  2. Recipient would be the board member who best exemplifies the NFHS Officials Code of
  3. Recipient must have been registered as an active football official with the Ohio-West
    Virginia Football Officials Association for five or more years and have not previously
    received this award.
  4. Recipient will be selected by majority vote of active members of the Ohio-West Virginia
    Football Officials Association.

Past Football Official Recipients:

1971-Ray Maxwell
1972-Bennett Stump
1973-Larry Craft
1974-Ray McKenzie
1975-Bud Gatian
1976-Dale Tippens
1977-Karl Hiebel
1978-Orval Sizemore
1979-Gene Carpenter
1982-Mike Webb
1985-Rex Prescher
1986-Jerry Russell
1987-Burton Rodgers
1988-Jim Moyers
1989-Phil Fleming
1990-Bruce McCoy
1993- Keith Barnett
1994-Al Hendricks
1995-Harold Offenberger
2003-Frank Gilmore
2004-Charles Clements
2005-Jim Bywaters
2006-Marvin Miller
2007-Joe Grimm
2008-Charlie Linch
2009-Larry McCloy
2010-Jeff Thomas
2011-Greg Waybright
2012-Rob Wheeler
2013-Bob Deuley
2014-Richard Gatian
2015-Nick Miller
2016-Rick Ridgway
2017-Robert Gatian
2018-Steve Buck
2019-Mike Schiefer