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You’d look good in stripes!

There’s a shortage of high school officials in almost every sport. In some communities the shortage is critical and high school games are being either postponed or cancelled.

Becoming a high school official is the easiest call you’ll ever make. High school officials protect the integrity of the games our kids love to play by demonstrating qualities like honesty, objectivity, consistency, courage and common sense. They have the opportunity to help teenagers learn life lessons that will benefit them for a lifetime. As veteran officials continue to retire, new officials have an opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of young people every year.


Consider the many benefits of becoming a high school official:

You’ll be a role model for the youth in your community.

It’s a great way to stay in good physical condition.

You’ll earn extra income.

You’ll expand your network of friends and have fun.

“Officiating football to me is a second chance. A chance to get out and be surrounded by the sport I grew up loving. A chance to go out on Friday nights and be in the middle of the action. A chance to go out on weekends and be a positive influence and help teach young kids about this wonderful sport of football. A chance to show young individuals respect and how to conduct themselves with dignity. A chance to form a family bond with those who step out onto the field with you. A chance to have fun and stay active. A chance to make a difference in the next generations lives. I always hear “I would give anything for just one more play of highschool football” Officiating does just that! Like many other things it has it’s ups and downs but I can promise you one thing. IT IS WORTH IT! GET INVOLVED!”

- Caleb McGrath

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